Io Volcano Workshop: Agenda and Presentations

Tuesday June 7th

8:30 am
Breakfast snacks, coffee

9:00 am

Volcanic Processes

Ascent of Magma on Io: Why so Hot? Karl Mitchell

Modeling the resurfacing of Loki
Julie Rathbun

Loki modeling update
Bob Howell

A model for patera formation on Io
Jani Radebaugh

Pictures of the Yellowstone sulfur flow
Bob Howell

Classification of Volcanic Eruptions, Lokian, Pillanian, etc:
1:30 pm

The Global Picture

Topography of Io: Status report
Paul Schenk

Global distribution of hot spots and calderas
Rosaly Lopes

Strategies for the global geologic mapping of Io
Dave Williams

Io global color mosaic
Paul Geissler

Io GIS database

Wednesday June 8th

8:30 am
Breakfast snacks, coffee
9:00 am

Plumes and Atmospheres

Outgassing of chondritic planets: Preliminary results
Laura Schaeffer

Simulations of volcanic plumes and aurorae on Io by the ASE/Astro "Io Group" 
[zip file with PPT and associated movies]
David Goldstein

Sulfur volcanism on Io: Beyond Pele
Kandis Lea Jessup

Groundbased atmospheric monitoring update: Why is the atmosphere so stable?
John Spencer

Io's influences on the Jovian system
Nick Schneider
1:30 pm

Future Plans

The 2007 New Horizons Jupiter flyby: spacecraft and groundbased plans
John Spencer

The Io Book
Rosaly Lopes/John Spencer

Io and OPAG

Future observing/modeling/analysis plans