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As you may gather, most of this page has not been updated for a while...

Audio Recordings

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Our sabbatical in England, during the first half of 1998.

Native of Colne, Lancashire, England.

Favourite Poetry

Scenic pictures of Comet Hale-Bopp.

Interesting plants in the mamane forest near Hale Pohaku, Mauna Kea, Hawai`i.

Recreational digital imaging.

Miscellaneous images

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Aurorae behind the San Francisco Peaks, from our house. The only time I saw the aurorae from Flagstaff, and the best of the few displays I've ever seen, though it didn't look quite this bright to the naked eye. Ironically, the picture was taken on film I bought for planned auroral photography during a trip to Alaska in November 2000, but I never used it for that purpose. The aurorae came to me instead. Ektachrome 200 pushed to ISO 400, about 20 seconds at f 1.8. About 12:30 am, March 31 2001 (one of the last slides I ever took, before going entirely digital). Thanks to Nat White for waking us up to see this.

Lowell 24" in the snow, December 16 2000.

1983 agave time-lapse project.

The Santa Catalina Mountains at sunset, from the roof of LPL, U. Arizona, Tucson, taken in 1985 (I think).
is a smaller version (2200 x 230 pixels, 170 K).

Asteroid 7554 Johnspencer, discovered by Ted Bowell in 1981, named in July 1999 (thanks, Ted!), photographed by Erica Ellingson August 7 1999 on the Lowell 72". It's the elongated streak in the lower center.

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