Ralph Nye's Hale Bopp Photo

March 11, 4:10 am, Verde Valley, Arizona. 15 minutes at f 3.5, 200 mm Konica lens, guided, Fujicolor 400 (212K JPEG).

John Spencer's March 15th Hale Bopp Photos

This image was taken on the morning of March 15th, 1997. I used a Canon EOS 10s 35mm camera with a 50 mm lens, and Fujicolor 800 Super G plus film.

. 5:40am, over Percival Lowell's mausoleum at Lowell Observatory, with the lights of Flagstaff below. 10 seconds, f2.5 (89K JPEG).

John Spencer's March 6th Hale Bopp Photos

These images were taken on the morning of March 6th, 1997, from our home in Flagstaff, Arizona. I used a Canon EOS 10s 35mm camera with a 50 mm lens, and Ektachrome P1600 film, push-processed by 2 stops as recommended to achieve 1600 ASA speed. Streakiness in the images is due to the limitations of our slide scanner, and isn't present on the originals.

About 5:30am, 60 seconds at f2.8 (51K JPEG).

About 5:40am, 60 seconds at f4. The blue ion tail can be seen to the left of the brighter dust tail. (64K JPEG).

A failed ABM test at White Sands Missile Range, 250 miles away, that appeared on the horizon while I was photographing the comet. Of course, I had to photograph that too. About 5:50am, 0.7 seconds at f5.6. The crescent moon is peeking through the trees on the right. (48K JPEG).

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