Harold F. Levison

Institute Scientist

Dr. Levison's principal research interests lie in the area of the dynamics of astronomical objects. In particular, he focuses on the formation and long-term behavior of the solar system bodies. Dr. Levison's work includes studies of the formation of both giant and terrestrial planets, the long-term dynamical behavior of comets, the dynamics of objects in the Kuiper belt, the origin and stability of Trojan asteroids, and the formation of satellites. In 1997, he, with Martin Duncan, predicted the existence of the Scattered Comet Disk. He is perhaps best known, however, for his work on the early dynamical evolution of the outer Solar System, and is an author of the most comprehensive model to date.

Dr. Levison is also the co-author of SWIFT , which is a software package for integrating orbits of solar system bodies. SWIFT is freely available and will run on most UNIX workstations.

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Internet Address: hal@boulder.swri.edu

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