A solar system integration software package

The SWIFT subroutine package written by Hal Levison and Martin Duncan is designed to integrate a set of mutually gravitationally interacting bodies together with a group of test particles which feel the gravitational influence of the massive bodies but do not affect each other or the massive bodies. Four integration techniques are included:

The package is designed so that the calls to each of these look identical so that it is trivial to replace one with another.

You can get a compressed tar file of swift by clicking here. Put swift.tar.gz into a directory that you will use as the main SWIFT directory. Now you uncompress and un-tar the file by entering:

Now continue by reading the README.first file.

We have also writen an extension of Swift, call SyMBA, which can symplectically intergrate a full N-body system including close apparoaches between the massive bodies. Please email Hal Levison to get a copy.

There is also a graphics package available for analyzing the results from Swift and SyMBA simulations. This package, which is known as SwiftVis, allows one to create sophisticated plots and movies on the fly. In addition, it can perform complex manipulations of the data. SwiftVis is so powerful that I use it for most of my plotting needs. For more information see Mark Lewis's website here or his Wikidot page here.

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[1] This algorithm was known as MVS in previous releases of Swift.

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