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LRO in an artist's rendering

The LAMP instrument is now in orbit around the Moon. Here is where you will find news and data about its progress.

Science: Stern et al., "Lunar Atmospheric Helium Detections by the LAMP UV Spectrograph on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter," Published in Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 39, 2012.
Science: Gladstone et al.,"Far-ultraviolet reflectance properties of the Moon's permanently shadowed regions," Published in Journal of Geophysical Research, VOL. 117, E00H04, 13 PP., 2012
LAMP South Pole Lyman-alpha Water Frost Map

These images produced by LAMP aboard NASA's LRO reveal features at the Moon's northern and southern poles in the regions that lie in perpetual darkness. They show many permanently shadowed regions, or PSRs, are darker at far-ultraviolet wavelengths (at left, and top inset) and redder than nearby surface areas that receive sunlight (bottom inset). The darker PSR regions are consistent with having large surface porosities (indicating "fluffy" soils) while the reddening is consistent with the presence of water frost on the surface. Image courtesy of Southwest Research Institute