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The LAMP instrument, one of six selected by NASA to be carried aboard LRO, was developed and built by a team of scientists and engineers from the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. SwRI is an independent non-profit applied research and development organization focused on engineering and the physical sciences. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the educational partner for LAMP. Museum staff developed this Web site and created a video and exhibits showcasing the LAMP instrument and its role in the larger LRO mission.

Here is a photo from 2008 showing the LAMP team.

LAMP Team Photo 2008

Below is an alphabetical table of the members of the LAMP team, their organizations and their roles on the project.

Name and Institution Title
Polly Andrews, DMNS Education/Public Outreach
Ron Black, SwRI Project Manager (Phase A-D)
Traci Case, SwRI Project Support (Scheduling/Cost)
Mike Davis, SwRI Optics, Detector & Calibration
Armando De Los Santos, SwRI Power Systems
Greg Dirks, SwRI Mechanical/Thermal Systems
Anthony Egan, SwRI Data Pipeline and SOC specialist
Vera Elizondo, SwRI Project Support (Contracts)
Paul Feldman, Johns Hopkins University Co-Investigator
Randy Gladstone, SwRI Co-Investigator
(Former Acting Principal Investigator ESMD Phase)
David Glenar, UMBC Collaborator
Tommy Greathouse, SwRI Project Scientist
Brian Gupta, SwRI Project Support (Quality Assurance)
Amanda Hendrix, JPL Participating Scientist
Mark Bullock, SwRI LAMP Researcher
Kathy Mandt, SwRI LAMP Researcher
David Horvath, SwRI Grad Student Scientist
Dana Hurley, JHU APL Co-Investigator
David Kaufmann, SwRI Science Operations Manager
Larry McCullough, SwRI Project Support (PA)
Paul Miles, SwRI Grad Student Scientist
Joey Mukherjee, SwRI Science Operations
Joel Parker, SwRI Project Manager (Phase E)
Kristian Persson, SwRI Electrical Systems
Joe Peterson, SwRI Science Operations
Wayne Pryor, Central Arizona College Co-Investigator
Kurt Retherford, SwRI Principal Investigator ESM phase (current)
Paul Rojas, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Paige Bailey, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Maggie Nagengast, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Michelle Kassel, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Clarissa Seifert, SwRI Graduate Student Scientist
Caleb Seifert, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Preston Karnes, SwRI Undergraduate Student Scientist
Dave Slater, SwRI Optics, Detector & Calibration
Jessica Stack, SwRI Project Support (Parts Engineering)
Andrew Steffl, SwRI Calibration Pipeline
Alan Stern, SwRI Former Principal Investigator (ESMD & SMD Phases)
Tim Stubbs, GSFC Participating Scientist
Jason Cook, SwRI Post Doc Scientist
Con Tsang, SwRI Post Doc Scientist
Cesare Grava, SwRI Post Doc Scientist
Gianna Sullivan, DMNS Education/Public Outreach
Henry Sykes, SwRI Power Systems
Dirk Terrell, SwRI Computer/Web Server Manager
Maarten Versteeg, SwRI Software Lead