Dirk's Space Art Page

Newer work is here.

Full Moon Storm (after Bierstadt) - I had never done a dark, stormy sky or a breaking wave, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Flatirons Fantasy I - This is the first of a series of paintings I have in mind. I recently moved to Boulder, Colorado and the dominant geological feature here is known as the Flatirons. When it snows, the relief on the flatirons really stands out. I did this one mainly as a proof of concept painting, so there's not a lot of color.

Cold Planet - A view of a Jovian-like planet from an icy moon. This planet orbits the hot,active star and the other hot companion star is off in the distance.

Lake on a Moon - An Earth-like moon with its parent planet off in the distance.

Ray Traced Space Art

These images were created using the Persistence of Vision raytracer for OS/2, and some tools created by John Beale,Heiko Eissfeldt, and Chris Colefax.

Hitchhiking on an Asteroid - What it might look like to hitchhike on an asteroid in a belt of asteroids much denser than that of our own solar system.[GIF]

Close Approach - An asteroid makes a close approach to an Earth-like planet.[GIF]

Moonrise - A small moon rises over an alien shore.[GIF]

The Rings - A ringed planet rises over an icy mountain range on a nearby moon.[GIF]

Red Giant Through the Clouds - Looking up at a red giant through the clouds of a nearby planet.[GIF]

Ring Plane - A view of a planet with a methane-rich atmosphere from within a ring of particles recently created by the tidal disruption of a moon.[GIF]

Fog - A Jupiter-like planet rises through the foggy sky of a nearby moon.[GIF]

Birth and Death - A massive star undergoes a supernova explosion, while star formation continues in nearby nebulae. [GIF]

Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact - Watching the pieces of SL-9 as they slam into the atmosphere of Jupiter. [GIF]

Hand Painted Space Art

Binary Overlooking Orion and Taurus - A binary consisting of a O-type main sequence star and an M-type giant with Orion and Taurus carrying out their eternal struggle in the background.[GIF]

Binary in Leo - A binary containing a spotted G-type star and a B-type star orbit each other under the watchful eye of the Lion.[GIF]

X-ray Binary in Sagittarius - The wind of a G-type star is trapped by the gravity of a neutron star and forms an accretion disk with jets erupting out of the disk plane.[GIF]

Mass Transfer - A stream of material flows from a G-type giant towards a B-type main sequence star in the early stages of the formation of a disk.[GIF]

Eclipse - A G-type star eclipses its nearby B-type companion, with the other member of the triple system off in the distance.[GIF]


These images combine ray tracing and hand painting:

Total Eclipse - A total eclipse of a star by a moon as seen from a second moon.[GIF]

Red Giant Rising - A red giant star rises over the mountainous terrain of a long-dead planet. [GIF]