Dirk's Space Art Page

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all images below are copyright Dirk Terrell. Please contact me for all usage, private or commercial, at terrell at boulder.swri.edu.

Exomoon - A moon orbiting a planet transits the disk of the parent star.

Sunset in a Binary System - One star of a binary sets over a mountain range.

Birth of a Triple System - The birth of a triple star system.

Globular Cluster - A view from a planet near a globular cluster.

Eclipse - An eclipse about to occur in a binary star system.

Yosemite Fantasy II - A fantasy view down Yosemite Valley, in the spirit of Bierstadt.

Yosemite Fantasy I - The first of a series of Yosemite-based fantasy pieces.

Flatirons Fantasy V - A view of Boulder's Flatirons with a different background.

Binary Kuiper Belt Object - Closeup view of a binary Kuiper Belt Object (KBO).

Saturn from Titan - Saturn as seen from the surface of Titan.

Sunset at Sunrise - One star of a binary sets as another rises behind the viewer, with an open cluster nearby.

Serene Triplicity - A serene view in a triple star system. The parent star of the planet is behind the viewer and the other two stars are visible in the distance.

Canyon - Looking down a water-filled canyon.

Syzygy II - A re-working of the Syzygy piece below.

Tropical Sunrise - Sunrise on a tropical planet in a binary with a nearby cluster in the sky.

Kepler-47 - A view of the outer planet in Kepler-47 from an imaginary moon. This system was the first circumbinary planetary system discovered to have more than one planet.

Wide Binary - Another view of a planetary system in a wide binary.

Sunset on a Four-star World - Yet another view of PH1 (Kepler-64), from an imaginary moon of the gas giant planet.

PH1 - Another view of PH1, (Kepler-64) from just above the clouds of the gas giant planet.

PH1 - A view of PH1 (aka Kepler-64), the first discovery of a circumbinary planet in a quadruple star system. (Read our discovery paper here.)

Double Sunset - A double sunset on a tropical moon orbiting a gas giant.

Kepler-16 - A view of the Kepler-16 circumbinary planet.

Wide Binary - A view of a wide binary from the moon of a gas giant.

Fall Colors in a Binary - A colorful view in a binary star system.

Capella - An imaginary view of the quadruple system Capella.

The Calm Before the Storm - The calm before the storm in a triple star system.

Albireo - A view from an imaginary planet around the triple system Albireo.

At the End of the Day - A sunset on a dry but not lifeless planet in a binary.

Syzygy - An interesting alignment in a binary star system.

Sunrise of a W UMa System - Sunrise in a W UMa system. I did this painting after doing some research work on habitable planets in these binaries.

TU Muscae - A view of the massive overcontact binary TU Muscae.

Cataclysmic Serenity - A binary star sunset from a tropical planet.

Flatirons Fantasy IV - A supernova explodes over the Flatirons.

Flatirons Fantasy II - The first "production" piece of the Flatirons Fantasy series. This one shows an interacting binary with a cool lobe-filling star that is dumping matter onto a white dwarf companion.

Binary Supernova - A star in a binary system undergoes a supernova explosion. This piece was done for the cover of "Eclipsing Binary Stars: Modeling and Analysis" by Kallrath and Milone.