Dirk Terrell's Home Page

Daily Camera article on our discovery of PH1, a quadruple star system with a planet.

New paper: A BVRcIc Survey of W Ursae Majoris Systems with data for 606 systems.

I am presently employed as a section manager and astrophysicist at the Southwest Research Institute's Boulder office.

My PhD dissertation involved the hydrodynamical modeling of gas flows in semi-detached (Algol-type) binary star systems and the computation of observable quantities such as emission spectra and polarization curves for comparision with observations. My other projects include the analysis of observations made by amateur astronomers, modeling asteroid light curves, modeling the disk of the unique binary Epsilon Aurigae, simultaneous analysis of X-ray pulse curves, radial velocity curves, and light curves of X-ray binaries, and the development of scientific and educational software.

Here is my vita.

Here is some of my space art.

Dirk can be reached at terrell at boulder.swri.edu