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Extraterrestrial Life, ASTRO/GEOL 3300

Welcome to the course homepage for ASTRO/GEOL 3300 "Extraterrestrial Life"


Final Exam is Saturday May 5, 1:30-4:00 pm in Duane G125. It will cover all course material with a mild focus on the Exoplanet lectures

Final Papers are due on by 2:00 Thursday May 3

Reviews due Monday April 23 at 11:59pm. Be sure to get on and finish your reviews of you classmates papers. The website should help you through the process of finding the two paper you are assigned to read. Then simply read them carefully and fill out the prepared questions making sure to make lots of comments to help your peers improve their papers.

All Lectures 1-24 are posted. All Homework and Exams are posted with solutions.

The Syllabus and Calendar are posted. Note, the important dates for Tests and Paper deadlines are fixed. However, the days on which content is covered will vary.


Meeting Times:Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15
Classroom Duane G125
Text:"Life in the Universe", Bennett \& Shostak, 3rd edition
Office and Office hours: F533 Tues/Thurs 3:15-4:30 (or by appoitnment)
Fiske Planetarium Website
Facebook Page:Astro3300
Home page:
TARebecca Poore: Duane E122: M W 2-4
SyllabusSyllabus Calendar
Term PaperInstructions/dates


Lecture 1, Tues 17 JanPDF
Lecture 2, Thurs 19 JanPDF
Lecture 3, Tues 24 JanPDF
Lecture 4, Thurs 26 JanPDF
Lecture 5, Tues 31 JanPDF
Lecture 6, Thurs 2 FebPDF
Lecture 7, Tues 7 FebPDF
Lecture 8, Thurs 9 FebPDF
Lecture 9, Tues 14 FebPDF
Lecture 10, Thurs 16 FebPDF
Lecture 11, Tues 21 FebPDF
Lecture 12, Thurs 23 FebPDF
Lecture 13, Thurs 1 MarPDF
Lecture 14, Tues 6 MarPDF
Lecture 15, Thurs 8 MarPDF
Lecture 16, Tues 13 MarPDF
Lecture 17, Thurs 15 MarPDF
Lecture 18, Thurs 22 MarPDF
Lecture 19, Tues 3 AprPDF
Lecture 20, Thur 5 AprPDF
Lecture 21, Tues 10 AprPDF
Lecture 22, Thur 19 AprPDF
Lecture 23, Tues 24 AprPDF
Lecture 24, Thur 26 AprPDF
Lecture 25, Tues 1 MayPDF
Lecture 26, Thur 3 MayPDF

Homework and Tests

Homework 2, Tues Jan-24 Due Jan-31PDF Solutions
Homework 3, Tues Jan-31 Due Feb-14PDF Solutions
Homework 4, Tues Feb-14 Due Feb-21PDF Solutions
Homework 5, Tues Mar-13 Due Thurs Mar 22PDF Solutions
Midterm 1Solutions
Midterm 2Solutions