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This page and those following contain information on research projects I'm working on here at Southwest Research Institute. Also included are informational items that might be of general interest plus my bibliography.

My research interests are largely focused on understanding Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. I am also generally interested in icy surfaces wherever they are found. Centaurs, transitional objects (asteroid/comet), and comets provide the occasional diversion. Near-Earth objects are another research concern but I am more committed to characterizing these objects than with finding them.

I pursue my research objectives with a variety of techniques. First and foremost I am an observational groundbased astronomer and will use any facility and technique that can provide useful data. In support of this leaning I am very much interested in both telescopic instrument development and in robotic observing systems. I also pursue the very specialized art of stellar occultation observations by solar system bodies, usually with portable systems. Often just collecting data is not enough so I also develop a lot of software for data analysis and modeling. When possible I also observe with the Hubble Space Telescope, largely in support of my Pluto work. Lastly, I am a collaborator with the New Horizons mission to Pluto and provide input and support to the project whenever I can.

  • Pluto (also check out information on our mission to Pluto).
  • Trans-Neptunian Objects (aka. Kuiper Belt Objects, Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects)
  • RECON, TNO occultation network (project website), (local resources)
  • Observing automation project. (Telescope status)
  • Stellar occultations by solar system objects
  • Images of Comet Hyakutake

  • My personal library of IDL routines
  • Description of CCDPHOT, a tool for CCD Photometry
  • Ephemeris tools for IDL.
  • Get copies of my IDL library.
  • Weather and sky monitors for Anderson Mesa.

  • Random bits that inspire
  • Asteroids that I have named

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