SWUIS Hale-Bopp STS-85 Quick-Look Images

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Quick-Look Images from the Shuttle experiment.

Please note that these are not final data products and are built from a very small fraction of our more than 400,000 useful data frames collected so far.

Acquisition image from SWUIS
9 Aug 1997: A narrow portion of the first, quick-reduction, SWUIS Hale-Bopp comet acquisition image taken from Discovery is shown here with minimal processing.

Processed Acquisition image Processed Acquisition image
9 Aug 1997: Two computer enhanced versions of a portion of the same visible+UV acquisition sequence. Integration time of 83.3s.

Processed Acquisition image
9 Aug 1997: A false-color 23s integration of comet Hale-Bopp obtained during the aquisition for Discovery's 2nd orbit of SWUIS observations.

Processed Acquisition image
12 Aug 1997: A false-color 40s integration of comet Hale-Bopp obtained during the aquisition for Discovery's 3rd orbit of SWUIS observations.

Other Mission-Related Images

Ground-based image
Ground-based 5 minute exposure photo of Hale-Bopp and trails caused by the passage of the space shuttle and free-flying payload. (Photo courtesy and © of Gordon Garradd.)

Image of SWUIS
Photo of SWUIS set up and operating in the mid-deck of the Shuttle Discovery during its first run on 9 August 1997.

Steve and SWUIS in
Mission specialist Steve Robinson looking through the SWUIS finder scope and making a fine adjustment during the acquisition of comet Hale-Bopp; note the SWUIS checklists and run plan matrix to the right.

Steve and SWUIS 9 Aug 1997. A portrait in the shuttle middeck of SWUIS and MS Robinson after a job well done!

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