Space Science Reviews Preprints:
Mission and science overview talk at "3rd zone" workshop,Nantes, (Jan 2007) (Powerpoint, 8.1MB)

Post-Launch Mission Overview Talk (Feb 2006) (Powerpoint, 71mb)

Lockheed Video: New Horizons Launch (Feb 2006) (mpeg, 38mb)

Lockheed Video: New Horizons Launch With Music (Feb 2006) (mpeg, 17mb)

Overview Presentation for High Schools (Nov 2005)

Mission Science and Project Overview (Oct 2005)

Mission Overview Powerpoint (Updated July 2005)

Payload Overview Powerpoint (Updated March 2005)

Mission Description Paper (early 2003)

Science Team Composition & Roles Overview (2003)

Project Team Organization Chart (2004)

Spacecraft View (January 2005)

Spacecraft Model Views (2002)

Pictures of the Spacecraft Model and the End-of-Phase A NASA Site Visit to APL (2001)

Other Downloadable Documents & Assorted Links

Major Editorials and Endorsements Supporting PKB and New Horizons

New Horizons 2 Concept Overview (Feb 2005)

Photo from the Ninth Science Team Meeting (Feb 25, 2005)

The PlutoPortal site

APL New Horizons site Private Access