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The Distant EKOs Newsletter is dedicated to the dissemination of research relevant to the Kuiper belt. The goal is to provide researchers with easy and rapid access to current observational and theoretical studies of the Kuiper belt, directly related objects (e.g., Pluto, Centaurs), and other areas of research that are explicitly applied to the Kuiper belt.

The newsletter contains:

Some Highlights of the Distant EKOs Website

The Objects & Observations page lists all TNOs and Centaurs, and has active links to their ephemerides. It also lists all the published observations (photometry by filter, spectroscopy, etc.) for each object, with links to each article that presents the data. It also gives a table of binary objects and ID cross-references for objects with numbers and names.

The Article Index contains an extensive list of publications grouped by object type (TNO, Centaur, Pluto), refereed journal or all publications, and ordered by date and by author.

A glossary of terms used in Kuiper belt research.

The Related Links page contains lists of other web pages related to the Kuiper Belt, the personal web pages of Kuiper belt researchers, and a reference list of other electronic publications (newsletters organized by topic, telegrams, abstracts, preprints, journals, and bibliographical services).

If you know of any pages I should add to any of these lists, or would like to have your page added to the personal web page list, let me know.

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Distant EKOs is not a refereed publication, but is a tool for furthering communication among people interested in Kuiper belt research. Publication or listing of an article in the Newsletter or the web page does not constitute an endorsement of the article's results or imply validity of its contents. When referencing an article, please reference the original source; Distant EKOs is not a substitute for peer-reviewed journals.

The Distant EKOs newsletter and web pages are managed by Joel Parker

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