TNO, SDO, and Centaur Lists

Table 1: Published Observations
This table lists all the published observations that I have found for each object. It includes phometry (by filter: BVRIJHK), spectroscopy, lightcurves, and any other observational measurements. To get a plot of the discovery and recovery statistics of TNOs, SDOs, and Centaurs (and how many are ``endangered'' or lost), click on the image to the right to get a JPEG image, or get the PostScript version here.

Table 2: Positions and Magnitudes
This table provides very approximate positions and magnitudes. Objects are ordered by RA and grouped by month of opposition. Each object is linked to it's entry in Table 1 for cross reference. To get a plot of the positions of TNOs, SDOs, and Centaurs, click on the image to the right to get a JPEG image, or get the PostScript version here.

Table 3: Objects with Satellites
This table lists all the known multiple TNOs and some of the known parameters. A reference list of related papers is also included.

Table 4: Identification Cross-References
This table lists objects that have numbers and names and cross references them with the provisional designations.

Table 5: Images of TNOs, KBOs, EKOs,...
Unusual Kuiper belt related images

All ephemerides and coordinates for these tables and plots are calculated with xephemdbd from the excellent XEphem program, and are based on elements from the MPC orbit database.

For clarity, I give coordinates to only a few arcminutes precision in these tables. If you are looking for more precise positions or ephemerides, I recommend the following:

Also, see the Observer Support page for: past observation information of ``lost'' objects, requests for collaboration, and links to personal web pages providing information about observations made/planned by other observers.

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