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Some photos are fun to take just to see if they are possible. This
one turned out better than it had a right to. The view out a plane
window as we descended towards a cloud-covered Chicago, with city
lights showing patchily through the clouds. On the skyline the
lights of the highest buildings of downtown Chicago (maybe just the
Sears Tower) poke up through the clouds, but are smeared out by the
plane's motion. The camera wasn't moving relative to the plane,
though- the engine nacelle is sharp. I should quit going on about
unsmeared hand-held 1-second exposures, but it still amazes me when
I can get away with this sort of thing.

6:34pm CST, February 18th 2003
1 second, f2.6, ISO 400, focal length 8.2mm
Distortion removed, rotated, cropped, resampled,
window reflections removed by cloning.


Experimental cocktails with our friends (including Bonny and Laura in
the background). Who knows what was in this one.

7:51pm, February 15th 2003
1/13 sec, f2.6, ISO 100, focal length 8.2 mm
Cropped, resampled.