2005 Io Volcano Workshop

Io disk, C10
Io eclipse, G8
Io nightside, PPR composite
Loki, NIMS
Tohil Mons

2001 Io Decadal White Paper Poster, to be updated for OPAG consumption (minimal changes so far).

June 7 - 8 (Tues-Wed), Department of Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

Note the new dates: We have moved the workshop forward two days to avoid conflict with the rescheduled Outer Planets Assessment Group meeting that will be held on Thursday and Friday June 9 - 10. We hope you can attend both events, and ensure that Io is well-represented at the OPAG meeting.

Organizer: John Spencer
E-mail: spencer(at)boulder(dot)swri(dot)edu


This is the latest in a series of Io volcano workshops that have been held once or twice per year for the last few years.  The most recent was organized by Bob Howell at Grand Teton National Park in August 2004.  We meet to present and discuss the latest research on Io's interior, volcanos, surface, and atmosphere in an informal setting.  While the emphasis is on volcanic processes, discussion of other related topics is welcome (and as we all know, everything on Io is related...).

List of Attendees


Agenda and Presentations.  The agenda now includes links to PDF versions of most people's Powerpoint presentations.


Map of Boulder showing the location of SwRI.  We are on the 4th floor of the Exeter Building, 1050 Walnut St.   The entrance is on the east side of the building, on 11th St. south of Walnut, not on the north side as shown on this map.  Additional maps and other logistical information about SwRI Boulder can be found here

Travel to Boulder

If arriving by plane, plan on flying into Denver.  Then take a bus or shuttle to Boulder (about a 75-minute journey), or rent a car.  Boulder is compact and has good public transportation, so you may not need a car.  More information on transportation to and within Boulder, and other local information.  The shuttle van from the airport costs about $25, and the bus costs about $10.

Lodging in Boulder

Visitors to SwRI can get a discount at the following hotels: ask for the Southwest Research Institute rate when making your reservation.  Both hotels have free high-speed Internet.  For bus details, see this bus map and schedule. Other lodging options, including several more expensive hotels or B&Bs that are closer to SwRI.  The closest is the brand-new St. Julien hotel, just 1 block west of SwRI.