Making CD-ROMs with long filenames

Here's how to make complete archive copies of Unix directories on the CD-ROM writer on Babel. The normal procedure restricts file names to 8+3 format. With the procedure outlined here you can retain UNIX file names, file creation dates, and full directory structure, on a CD-ROM that can be read both in Windows 95 and Unix. A possible penalty is that the CD-ROM will be in a different format than the "minimal" standard and might be harder to read in the future. Also the cases of file names might get messed up, and you can't have two files in the same directory with names that are identical apart from case, such as "myfile" and "Myfile" (this is a basic limitation of Windows 95, and a good idea in my opinion).

The Procedure

  1. Use tar to archive the directories on the UNIX machine.
  2. ftp the tar file to drive "E:\" on "Babel", the CD-writing PC.
  3. Unpack the tar file on the PC using the "WinZip" program, (not the DOS "tar" program, which doesn't understand long file names). Important: in the Options/Configuration box of the "WinZip" interface, uncheck the "TAR File Smart CR/LF Conversion" box. If this is left checked, floating point numbers in FITS files, and perhaps elsewhere, are messed up in the unpacking process. Put the unpacked directories on drive "D:\". If WinZip finds two files with the same name but different case, it will ask you which one to overwrite. WinZip may quit if you have files with pathological names (including nonprinting characters, for instance), but you can continue by selecting all files after the bad one and re-issuing the "extract" command.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 till you have all your data transfered and unpacked. Total data volume should be less than about 640 MB.
  5. Delete the tar files from the E: drive
  6. Start EzCdPro on the PC. Select 'New CD' from the menu that comes up. This will open the CD writing control window. Open the D: drive from My Computer or the destop shortcut. Select the files and/or directories you want to put on the CD (shift+ left-click adds to the selection), and then drag them to the CD writer window. The total size and # of files will be displayed.
  7. Set other CD writing params:
  8. Insert blank cd in the caddy and into the writer
  9. From the top pull-down get the CD-Write menu, and select write. A dialog showing files being added to the "image" will come up, then another saying "fixing" various files, then finally one saying writing file "blah" will come up. The CD will be ejected when it is done.

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