Robin M. Canup

Associate Vice President

Boulder Office/Planetary Science Directorate
Space Science and Engineering Division

B.S. in Physics, Duke University
Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Colorado.

Dr. Canup joined Southwest Research Institute in 1998. Her main research areas are the origins of planets and satellites. Dr. Canup utilizes analytical and numerical methods to describe the dynamical evolution of systems of circumplanetary or circumsolar material. She is a Principal Investigator in NASA's "Origins of Solar Systems", “Planetary Geology and Geophysics”, “Outer Planets Fundamental Research”, and LASER programs and NSF's "Planetary Astronomy" program.  She is also a Co-Investigator in CLOE, the SwRI led team of NASA’s Lunar Science Institute.

Dr. Canup's recent research projects address:

  • The formation and early evolution of the Earth/Moon system in the "Giant-Impact" scenario
  • Large-scale planetary collision modeling
  • Formation of gas planet satellite systems
  • The late stages of terrestrial planet formation

Downloadable images and animations of potential lunar-forming impacts (from Canup 2004, Icarus)
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E-mail address:
Phone: (303) 546-9670