Reliable Multicasts for Beowulfs: Software


This software allows faster computations on Beowulf and similar clusters by using point-to-multipoint communications to broadcast information between nodes. See the project description.

Version 0.94, December 2002

Conceptual changes of consequence include:


Include "mpim.h"
Call MPIM_Init() instead of (or after) MPI_Init() and before first broadcast. Fortran note 2001nov21: you must call MPI_Init() from Fortran before calling MPIM_Init(); C users can optionally skip MPI_Init()
Call MPIM_Finalize() instead of MPI_Finalize() (eliminates alarm interaction with MPI shutdown).
Then replace your call(s) to MPI_Bcast() with call(s) to MPIM_Bcast() with exactly the same arguments. Fortran interfaces for all three calls are included.


Version 0.94

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Last modified: December 16, 2002