Dr. William J. Merline
Staff Scientist

Department of Space Studies
Instrumentation and Space Research Division

Discovery of satellite around Mars-crosser asteroid (2577) Litva, showing it is a triple system, 2013 December

Press and Public Info - Ground-based imaging of Near-Earth Asteroid 2005 YU55, during the night of its close flyby of Earth - 2011 Nov 8 from Keck Observatory, Hawaii

Press Info - Ground-based images of asteroid Lutetia complement spacecraft flyby - 2010 October 7

Discovery of another loosely bound binary, (317) Roxane

INFO on Discovery of two new MOONS of PLUTO - 2005 Oct 31

Discovery of S/2002 (121) 1: on September 28, 2002

Discovery of S/2002 (3749) 1: on February 8, 2002

Press Info - Discovery of S/2001(617)1 and others

Press Information: Significance of Asteroid Satellites for Meteorites - Meteoritical Society Meeting 2001, Rome

Information on the new moon of (22) Kalliope, Sep 6, 2001

Press Release, October 26, 2000

Press Release, October 6, 1999

Naming of Petit Prince

Bill Merline joined the GAP group at SwRI in 1996. His primary research interest is imaging of asteroids using spacecraft and ground-based adaptive optics.

Ph.D. Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, 1995
Ph.D. minor: Physics
B.S. Physics and Astronomy, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1978
B.S. Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1978

Abbreviated vita here.

Internet Address: merline@boulder.swri.edu

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