Flying in Boulder

Flying the F/A-18B Hornet

Flying in Tucson

Here are some pictures of aviation related stuff in and around Tucson...

An SR71 cockpit tour
An F117 and a B2 visit Davis-Monthan AFB

Some of the planes I fly in Tucson:

N9185U. Cessna 150. This is the plane I soloed in and took my checkride in.

N175LE. Katana DA20-A1. A really FUN plane to fly!.

N20308. Cessna 172. I did most of my instrument training in this one.

Some other assorted photos:

One of the pilots I share taxiway Delta with.

That's me flying a Cessna 150 back toward Tucson from the area near Kitt Peak. Definitely a CAVU day!

A view of downtown Tucson through the canopy of a Katana DA20-A1.

Tucson is home to Davis-Monthan AFB and the "Boneyard".

Waiting to be chopped up...

This feels like my second home.

My home airspace.

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