David E. Stillman

I am a near surface geophysicist with expertise in Electromagnetic (EM) methods. I've worked in oil exploration, environmental exploration, and now planetary exploration. Currently, I operate the Planetary Electrical Properties and Geochemistry lab , where I measure the electrical properties of planetary minerals and regoliths over a frequency range of 10 mHz - 1 GHz over a temperature range of 180 - 273 K. While I'm not measuring properties planetary analogs, I'm looking at MARSIS or SHARAD ground penetrating radar data or trying to get EM geophysics on a future planetary mission.

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Dr. David E. Stillman
Senior Research Scientist
Dept. of Space Studies
Southwest Research Institute
1050 Walnut St. #300
Boulder, CO 80302
direct: 720-240-0143
lab: 720-240-0132
reception: 303-546-9670
fax: 303-546-9687
email: dstillman at boulder dot swri dot edu