David Nesvorny

Department of Space Studies

1050 Walnut St., Suite 400, Boulder, Colorado 80302

Phone: (303) 546-0023
Fax:      (303) 546-9687

Email:   davidn@boulder.swri.edu

Research Papers

Local links:

Irregular Satellites
Karin Cluster:  Asteroid Collision that Occurred 5.8 My Ago
HCM and Asteroid Famililes
(program and movies) 
Dynamical Effects on Asteroid Families
2000 CR105: Distant Chaos in the Kuiper Belt
Neptune's Trojans
Frequency Modified Fourier Transform (program)
Snail: Symmetric Multistep Integrator (program)slak

Distant links:

Paper search on NASA ADS
JPL's Horizons System
IAU Minor Planet Center

Lowell Observatory
AstDys Node
American Astronomical Society