Event reporting status for (54598) Bienor event on 2022-11-18 UT

There are still 29 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

Report here.

Sleaford, Kamloops, Anarchist Mountain Observatory, Tonasket, Victoria, Okanogan, Brewster, Yakima, Toppenish/White Swan, Goldendale, Bend, North Lake, Lakeview, Fall River/Burney, Susanville, Reno, Carson City, Yerington, Hawthorne, Tonopah, Lee Vining, Indian Springs, Henderson, Kingman/Dolan Springs, Laughlin/Bullhead City, Mohave Valley, Lake Havasu City, Parker, and Calipatria

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Kelowna Terry Bridges Weathered out
Peachland Mark Force Weathered out Clouds... <>
Summerland Dave Gamble Weathered out
Penticton Bruce gowe Weathered out
Oliver Sabra McIntyre Other issues Did not attempt. We were unable to support this event.
Manson/Chelan Russ Jones Data collected No GPS on scope but we were able to get on target
Wenatchee Daniel Deal Did not attempt
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Did not attempt
The Dalles Bryan Dean Weathered out Sky obscured by fog. No stars visible for alignment.
Maupin Jamie Sowell Weathered out We observed clouds at all three of our houses about an 1.5 hours before the occultation. I have been sick and Jim P drove 3 hours to get back through ice and a broken clutch in his truck. We called it 1.5 hours before the event and went to our warm beds.
Sisters Rima Givot Weathered out Not attempted due to icy conditions and complete cloud cover.
Chiloquin Emma Tibay Did not attempt
Klamath Falls Yuehai Yang Attempted but no data I have recruited a college student and a faculty at Oregon Tech
Cedarville Terry Miller Data collected Clear skies. Chilly, about 19°F. Recorded full window. Didn't an occultation, but the target star was dim and a little hard to see anyway.
Greenville Bill Gimple Attempted but no data Clouded out :-(
Quincy Ron Logan Did not attempt
Portola Shelley Callahan Did not attempt
Gardnerville Jerry Bardecker Data collected, no event seen Recorded a 6 min window around LuckyStar predicted event time 07:01 UT. Video recording of mag 15 target star at 32X with WAT910HX. Video analysis with PyMovie indicated clearly indicated no event of the predicted mag drop.
Bishop Joe Slovacek Attempted but no data Met up with Ed and a fellow high school teacher at Lee Vining. Was able to set up the equipment; all worked fine. However, there was dense fog in the area that prevented the acquisition of data.
Beatty John Heller Data collected, no event seen Clear skies, good data capture. No visual dimming of target star observed during capture. My analysis with PYMovie did not produce an evident light curve. :-( Log sheet in folder with capture files.
Wildwood Joe Wise Data collected There was a lot of moisture in the air. Star field faded in and out of view. New student's first "solo" campaign.
Idyllwild Libby Dabrowski Data collected I was on field for about 10 minutes before recording. Switched to the 2 second exposure time right before capture and then I think I lost then field some how or just couldn't pick out the right stars with the longer exposure time. If the target is anywhere in my images I believe it would be on then far right side , if I caught it at all.
Yuma Dorey Conway Weathered out Did not attempt, cloudy skies.

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute