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This page summarizes the status of the photometric calibration of the Deep Ecliptic Survey search fields. The survey defined a set of fields on the sky within 5 degrees of the ecliptic. We are working to get a sample of point-source photometry on every field that was used during the survey so that the images will can be calibrated. The goal is to get 3 independent nights of photometry for every field used during the survey. More nights are acceptible but three are sufficient.

Histogram The figure shown to the left is a plot of the sky showing all fields to be calibrated. The points are color coded to indicate the status of the calibration. dark red - zero nights, blue - one night, and dark gree - two nights. Survey data: + symbol, followup data (no SDSS): triangle, followup data (w/ SDSS): point. Any field (of any type) with sufficient calibration is plotted as a grey point.
There are a total of 936 DES survey fields that need to be calibrated. 933 survey fields were observed on three or more nights and are done. There are 3 survey fields that have not yet been observed 3 times. Additionally, there are a total of 1233 unique followup fields to be calibrated. If we wish to directly calibrate everything there are 1417 total observations needed to finish. Assuming that 50 fields can be observed per night we need approximately 29 nights to finish. The actual time will be longer since not every field can be scheduled on every night. If we skip all followup fields that could be calibrated with SDSS data the total number drops to 609 or 13 nights.
Histogram The histogram shown to the left summarizes how many nights there are on the fields. Blue shows the status of the survey fields, green shows the followup fields without SDSS support, and red shows the followup fields with SDSS support.

Of the fields still needing work,

9 survey fields have been observed on two nights:
F09445a F09478a F09498a F09557a F09604a F09605a F09610a F09624a F10051a

In the group of followup fields that have no SDSS support 82 have never been observed, 53 have been observed on just one night, and 251 have been observed on two nights. Out of the fields that do have SDSS support 223 have never been observed, 56 have been observed on just one night, and 27 have been observed on two nights.

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