PURPOSE: (one line)
	Reads photometry from an alternate format basphote log file.
	This routine reads a photometry log file such as is written by basphote.
  The file is organized so that a single measurement is recorded on each
  line.  The file format is a blend of variable and fixed length fields.
  The argument list for this routine corresponds one-for-one to the columns
  in the file.  The first three columns are read as variable length fields.
  The filename of the image file is in the first column and is delimited
  by a blank (' ').  The second column is the name of the object.  This
  name must be enclosed within a pair of single quotes.  This is done to
  permit object names with imbedded blanks.  The third column is the name
  of the filter.  The rest of the line is read as a fixed format field
  starting with the julian date.  The format of this portion is:
  Note that the last field (bad, 'i2') does not need to be present (for
  reasons of backward compatibility).  If that field is absent it is treated
  as 0.

  Here's a few example lines from such a log file (just remember the leading
  semicolon has been added for this documentation and does not appear in the
filename    object  filter   JD           exptime gain rdnoise    rad    sky1    sky2  serial  xpos     ypos    fwhm  maxcnt     sky  skyer
010610.020 'SAO 160066' 2 2452070.68978    9.300   2.40  10.23   5.000  15.000  50.100 0000  206.714  410.874  4.93  5714.0     5.66   0.08
010610.021 'SAO 160066' 1 2452070.69017   37.000   2.40  11.97   5.000  15.000  50.100 0000  205.951  411.056  5.31  4021.3    -1.84   0.09

  Warning!  Do NOT attempt to line up the fields in a file like this by
  adding extra blanks.  There is only supposed to be a single blank between
  fields (note that some fields themselves contain blanks in the fixed field
  areas).  This file is not meant to be usefully read by eye.

  File I/O
	rdphalt,logname,filename,obj,fil,jd,exptime,gain,rad,sky1,sky2,serial, $
	logname  - string containing the photometry log file to read from.
 SKIPLINES   - Initial number of lines to skip in the file. If not
                  specified start at the beginning of the file.
 NUMLINES    - Number of lines to process, starting at the first
                  line subsequent to those skipped (if any). If
                  not specified, process to the end of the file.
	filename - Original image file name for each point.
	obj      - String array containing all object names.
	fil      - String array with filter codes.
	jd       - Julian date of mid-time of observation.
	exptime  - Exposure time in seconds.
	gain     - Gain of system in photons per count.
	rad      - Radius of object aperture in pixels.
	sky1     - Inner radius of sky annulus in pixels.
	sky2     - Outer radius of sky annulus in pixels.
	serial   - Serial number for observation.
	xpos     - vector containing the x position for each point.
	ypos     - vector containing the y position for each point.
	fwhm     - Full-width at half maximum in arcseconds.
	maxcnt   - Original DN of maximum in image.
  sky      - Sky signal in counts/pixel.
  skyerr   - Uncertainty of the sky signal.
	mag      - Instrumental magnitude.
	err      - Uncertainties of the magnitudes.
  bad      - flag that marks data as bad.  1 is bad, 0 or missing is good.
  rdnoise  - readout noise in electrons
  The version change to this program affects the following programs:
     crmatch, logmanip, onchip, reductor, rephot
	Written 1/19/93 - Marc W. Buie, Lowell Observatory.
	2/4/93, MWB, Rewrote file read to eliminate array concatenation.
  96/01/11, MWB, added NUMLINE, SKIPLINE keywords
  96/10/31, MWB, added bad flag argument and field.
  2000/06/02, MWB, file format changed to PHOTFILE v1.0 (added sky and skyerr)
  2006/05/03,  Peter L. Collins, Lowell Observatory
                  file format changed to PHOTFILE v1.1 (added rdnoise)