Add or replace transformation solution for a given 
  night-instrument-filter-color combination

  inst    - Instrument code
  date    - YYMMDD string of date of observation
  filter  - Landolt filter code 01234 is UBVRI
  color1  - filter code for first color
  color2  - filter code for second color (uses color index of C1-C2)
  tran     - Transformation coefficients (vector)
                tran[0] = principal extinction coefficient
                tran[1] = second order extinction coefficient
                tran[2] = color term
                tran[3] = zero-point
                tran[4] = time-dependent extinction term
                tran[5] = (f)  airmass squared term
                tran[6] = (g)  color squared term
  transig - uncertainties corresponding to trans.
  jdref   - Time reference point for extinction- non-zero if ktime used.
  refcolor - Color reference for the color term transformation.
                 This term is normally C * (B-V) or some other standard
                 color.  This formulation uses
                     C * ( (B-V) - REFCOLOR ) for the term instead.
  refam - Air mass reference for the transformation.
  nobs    - number of observations

  fitted  - array of ints for trans- non-zero if the corresponding values
               fitted, otherwise forced. If not provided the default is set, 
               currently that all quantities are forced,
               except k (tran[0]).
  chi2    - chi-square value. If not provided the data base
               default is used, currently 0.0
  quality - quality flag, a string containing any of the enum values
              recognized by the database, currently one of
              If not provided the data base default is used,currently 'unknown'
              An additional special value is supported, 'default', that when
              supplied causes the following actions:
                 old quality    action
                  bad           keep value
                  good          keep value
                  unknown       ask for new value
                  suspect       ask for new value
                 not posted yet ask for value


 DATABASE - Name of MYSQL database for transformation search. 
               The default is 'phot'. 
               If TABLENAME specifies a database via the '.' notation, this
               keyword (as well as its default) is ignored.
 TABLENAME- Name of table in MYSQL database for transformation search. 
               The default is 'transf'. 
               If string is of the form 'a.b' then a is taken to be the
               name of the database and b is the tablename. Note that
               if neither TABLENAME nor DATABASE is specified the photometry
               table is located at 'phot.transf'
 OVERWRITE- flag, if set, an existing record with the instrument, date,
               filters and color will be replaced. Otherwise it is
               flagged as an error.
 REMOVE   - flag, if set,  any record tagged by inst, date, filter, color1,
               color2 is removed.
 SILENT   - ordinarily a flag, if set, failures are silent. 
               If set to negative values, debugging verbosity is enabled.
 VERBOSE  - flag, if set, prints information including all db queries.

 replaced - set to 1 if a previous entry for inst, date, filter, color1 and
               color2 already existed and was replaced, 0 if a new entry was
               created, -1 if there was an error reported internally by
               puttran, -2 if there was an error reported by MYSQL.
               If the REMOVE flag is set, it is set 0 if there was no entry
               to remove, 1 if an entry was removed, and -1 if there was an
               error reported by puttran, -2 if there was an error 
               reported by MYSQL.

 Using a value in an enum field (currently only quality) that is not one
    of the defined value strings creates a record that is hard to deal with.
 Comments cannot be added with PUTTRAN.

 2006/4/07 - Written by Peter L. Collins, Lowell Observatory
             for MYSQL operation.
 2006/10/04, PLC, modified to write all values to transf without
                  reference to data base names. Previous matching
                  errors  in the order of the fitted
                  array, were corrected in puttran, gettran and the
                  transf table of the phot database.
 2006/12/19, MWB, modified behavior driven by value of quality
 2006/12/27, PLC, rationalization of data base keywords.
 2010/07/29, MWB, cleanup of mysql insert string.
 2014/03/05, MWB, added refcolor, refam, and full second-order terms
       WARNING!  The calling sequence is different.