PURPOSE: (one line)
  Create a postscript image and/or print from an image.

  This program will take an image and create a hard copy image via
  Postscript.  Color tables will work only with a color printer.

  If the plot device is not PS upon entry, this program will temporarily
  switch devices if the file is printed.  If the file is not printed,
  the device is left active and open so that additional information
  can be added to the plot.

  Image display
  image - Input array to convert to a postscript image.
  min   - Input array value to scale to output value of 0.
  max   - Input array value to scale to !d.n_colors-1 (peak color).
  AUTOSIZE     - Automatic output image size setting:
                    0 - no automatic action (default).
                    1 - resize if too big.
                    2 - make image as large as possible.
  BITS         - Number of output bits for image, default=8.
  CTABLE       - Color table number to use for print.  Default is 0
                   for the B/W lookup table.  If 0, behavior will default
                   to non-color printing.
  DELPOS       - Position offset (x,y) in centimeters for image.
  ENCAPSULATED - Flag, if true ==> generate encapsulate postscript.
                   This will automatically set NOPRINT.
  FILE         - Name of postscript file, default is
  LANDSCAPE    - Flag, if true ==> landscape mode output orientation.
                        Default is portrait.
  NEGATIVE     - Invert the color table if set.
  NOCLOSE      - If true, prevents closing the output device in
                    encapsulated mode.
  NOBOX        - When set will suppress the pixel axes around image.
  NOPRINT      - Flag, if true ==> do not send the postscript file to the
                   the printer.  Default to FALSE.
  POSITION     - 2 element vector specifying the location of the lower
                   left hand corner of the image relative to the page
                   setup origin.  The default is to center the image
                   on the page (less 3-hole punch margin).  Values are
                   in centimeters.
  QUEUE        - Name of the print queue to send postscript file to.
                   Defaults to the default printer.
  TITLE        - Title to put over image.
  TRUE_COLOR   - Indicates 24-bit color input image if set, values are
                    1 - pixel interleave (3, width, height)
                    2 - row interleave   (width, 3, height)
                    3 - image interleave (width, height, 3)
                    sets bits=8 automatically.
  XBORDER      - Two element vector with x border to put around image.
                    Values are in cm, default = [0,0], used only for
                    encapsulated output.
  YBORDER      - Two element vector with y border to put around image.
                    Values are in cm, default = [0,0], used only for
                    encapsulated output.
  WIDTH        - Width of image in cm.  Default = 15cm.
  A postscript file is created.
  This program knows about two kinds of printers, HP Laser Jet IIIsi
  and a Tektronix Phaser IIsd color printer.  The color printer is
  known by the queue name of 'chani'.  Error checking is in place to
  make sure the image is not scaled off the page for each device.
  If the queue is not chani, it is assumed to point at an HP printer.

  The print queueing is specific to Unix and Win32.

  3/3/93, written by Marc W. Buie, Lowell Observatory
  3/15/93, MWB, encapsulated output was forced to be full page, modified
     so that output matches the image size.
  94/10/05, MWB, added DELPOS keyword
  96/01/06, MWB, added support for auto-spool for DOS/Windows
  96/08/24, MWB, added AUTOSIZE
  97/05/29, MWB, changed COLORTABLE to CTABLE and added COLOR keyword.
  2000/10/13, MWB, removed SPAWN in this routine, now calling hardcopy.