Meet my newest daughter...

Julie Ann Bottke

Veronica and I had a big surprise on yesterday (Jan 25, 2002). We went to the clinic yesterday for Veronica's weekly pregnancy check-up. At the time, Veronica was about 3 weeks away from her expected due date. Well, her short appointment turned into an all-day affair. Veronica's blood pressure was high enough that the doctor's insisted that the safest thing for mother and baby was to have the baby delivered that very day!

So, at 6:59 PM last night, Veronica and I became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl:

Julie Ann Bottke

Weight: 5 lbs, 13 ounces

Length: 19 inches.

Birthday: Jan. 25, 2002

Delivered at the Boulder Community Hospital

Everyone is doing great. Vernonica had a C-section for safety reasons, and the procedure went very smoothly. Both Veronica and I think that Julie looks a lot like Laura and Kristina at the same age. Naturally, she has her mother's good looks. :-)

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