Input for the Web Vectorial Model (WVM)

Here is a description of parameters used in the forms. The user can input all the values or use the available buttons on the form to pre-fill some of the fields with typical values for products of H2O and other parent species:

Radical Vp [km/s] Tpt [s] Tpd [s] g [s-1] Vd [km/s] Tdt [s]
OH 0.85 86430 101730 2.4e-4 1.05 1.29e5
H2 0.85 86430 2.3e6 5e-8 5.6 1e6
CS 0.85 1e3 1e3 6e-4 ? 1e5
C2 0.85 2e4 2e4 3.6e-4 ? 8.64e4
Vd = Velocity of parent
Tpt = Parent total lifetime
Tpd = Parent disassociative lifetime
g = g-factor of daughter radical
Vd = Velocity of daughter radical
Tdt = Total lifetime of daughter radical

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