Web Vectorial Model: Input Form

Comet Observation Data

Comet name:
Distances [AU]: Heliocentric and Observer
Slit sizes [arcsec]: perpendicular and along the sun-comet line
Number of steps in gas production function (1-20):
Production rate (Q) for each step [mol/s] (separate values with spaces):
Duration for each time step [days] (separate values with spaces):

Prepopulate for :

Parent Species Data

Velocity at 1 AU [km/s]:
The total lifetime at 1 AU [s]:
The dissociative lifetime at 1 AU [s]:
The destruction level [%]:

Daughter Radical Data

Radical whose density distribution is computed:
Excitation Rate g-factor of observed transition at 1 AU [phot/mol/s]:
Velocity [km/s]:
Total lifetime at 1 AU [s]:
The destruction level [%]:

Output Type

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Michel Festou and Joel Parker (joel@boulder.swri.edu)   [SwRI Homepage]