SWUIS Hale-Bopp STS-85 Mission Highlights

SWUIS Team at STS-85 Launch

SWUIS Team at Launch

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SWUIS obtained more than 400,000 useful frames in the ultra-violet and visible from the Shuttle Discovery during 9 orbits on 5 days, August 14-19, 1997. Preliminary reductions from downlinked SWUIS video reveal that good signal was received on the comet during each run on orbit. Simultaneously, an infra-red version of SWUIS observed from the high-altitude WB-57 on two pre-dawn flights, August 14 and 18.

19 Aug 1997.

Discovery landed at 7:08 EDT this morning after completing all the planned SWUIS observations, along with a plethora of other scientific objectives.

Congratulations crew and welcome home!

18 Aug 1997.

Infra-red observations were obtained from the WB-57 this morning with increased magnification.

14 Aug 1997.

We now have observations from 7 orbits, totalling almost 250,000 good image frames; two additional Hale-Bopp orbits are scheduled for August 15.

14 Aug 1997.

This morning SWUIS collected 3 orbits of pre-sunrise data on Hale-Bopp which continue to look good. Two more pre-sunrise observations are planned this morning.

Simultaneously, PI Alan Stern flew with an infra-red, wide-field version of SWUIS at 51,000 ft in NASA's WB-57 and obtained 45 minutes of data to characterize SWUIS IR performance at altitude.

13 Aug 1997.

This morning's SWUIS observations from the WB-57 high-altitude airplane have been rescheduled for tomorrow's pre-dawn. We have more observations planned for 4AM CDT 14 Aug from STS-85 continuing through simultaneous infra-red observations from the WB-57.

12 Aug 1997.

Another 2 orbits of successful SWUIS observations have been obtained from the Shuttle.

9 Aug 1997.

SWUIS successfully conducted its first-ever observations from Shuttle, obtaining both planned orbits of data on comet Hale-Bopp.

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