Swifter — an improved solar system integration software package

This project is supported by NASA's Applied Information Systems Research Program (AISRP)

The Swifter software package, written by David E. Kaufmann, is a completely redesigned and improved version of the Swift package of Hal Levison and Martin Duncan. Like Swift, Swifter is designed to integrate a set of mutually gravitationally interacting bodies together with a group of massless test particles that feel the gravitational influence of the massive bodies but do not affect each other or the massive bodies. In addition, the SyMBA integrator supports a second class of massive bodies whose masses are less than some user-specified value. These bodies gravitationally interact with the more massive bodies, but do not interact with each other. Seven integration techniques are included in the current beta release of Swifter: Swifter is designed so that the calls to each of these integrators look similar, thereby facilitating the replacement of one with another.

Swifter should compile and run on any UNIX or Linux machine that has ANSI standard Fortran 90/95 and C compilers. Please contact the author if you have any problems or are seeking to build Swifter on a different platform.

You can get a gzipped tar file of Swifter by clicking here. Uncompress and un-tar the file in the location where you wish to create the top-level "swifter" directory by entering the following commands:

Now continue by reading the README.swifter file located in the top-level "swifter" directory.

1 This algorithm was known as MVS in early releases of Swift.

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