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Tue Feb 25, 202011:00 am Kathryn Steakley NASA Ames Testing the Impact Hypothesis for Warming Early Mars
Abstract: The nature of Mars’ ancient climate has long been debated, as abundant geologic evidence suggests liquid water flowed on the planet’s surface during the Noachian and early Hesperian eras (~3.5 - 3.8 Gya), while climate models have struggled to reproduce such warm and wet conditions. We revisit impacts during the Noachian as a potential mechanism for jumpstarting greenhouse warming - previously explored by Segura et al. (2008) through 1-D radiative convective modeling - using a 3-D global climate model with a self-consistent hydrological cycle. We first explore the possibility of inducing a water cloud greenhouse in the aftermath of an impact, and subsequently the hypothesis that reducing gases like H2 may have also been degassed. We show that while some scenarios result in near-freezing mean annual temperatures if CO2 partial pressures are large enough, many regions where valley networks are observed receive little precipitation (liquid or solid) in these scenarios. There are multiple physical mechanisms at play and potential model sensitivities requiring further investigation, which will be discussed.
Mon Mar 2, 2020
In 5th-floor conference room
11:00 am Joseph A. MacGregor NASA Goddard TBD
Thu Mar 5, 2020
In Julie Brisset
11:00 am Julie Brisset Florida Space Institute, Univ. of Central Florida Interacting with regolith surfaces in low-gravity environments.
Thu Mar 19, 202011:00 am Oleg Troshichev AARI - Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Influence of solar activity on long-term variations of the ice-atmosphere system in Arctic (project)
Tue Mar 24, 202011:00 am Zarah Brown Arizona State University What’s heating Saturn’s thermosphere? Cassini Grand Finale observations show a connection between dynamics and heating.
Tue Mar 31, 202011:00 am Hannah Jang-Condel University of Wyoming TBD