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Upcoming SwRI Boulder Colloquia

Colloquia are normally on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the 4th-floor conference room, except as indicated below in bold text.
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For questions or suggestions for speakers, please contact the SwRI colloquium organizers:
Hannah Kaplan, 720-208-7208 or kaplan(at)
Derek Lamb, 720-208-7207 or derek(at)
Katie Primm, 720-240-0124 or kprimm(at)
Raluca Rufu, 303-226-0879 or raluca(at)
Julien Salmon, 720-208-7203 or julien(at)
Kelsi Singer, 303-226-5910 or ksinger(at)

To be added to the SwRI Boulder Colloquia email list, please contact Kelsi Singer, ksinger(at)

Tue Aug 27, 201911:00 am Michael Kirk Catholic University of America / NASA Goddard Putting the Science Back in Data Science
Tue Sep 3, 201911:00 am David Polishook Weizmann Institute of Science A Martian Origin for the Martian Trojan Asteroids and its Implications for Differentiated Planetesimals
Thu Sep 5, 2019
In 5th-floor conference room
11:00 am Matthew West Royal Observatory of Belguim TBD
Fri Sep 6, 201911:00 am Francis Nimmo University of California Santa Cruz Geodynamics of asteroids: observational constraints on their behaviour in adolescence and senility
Tue Sep 24, 2019
In 5th-floor conference room
11:00 am Mickey Rosenthal University of California, Santa Cruz Perks and Pitfalls of Pebble Accretion — Implications for Planet Formation in the Inner and Outer Disk
Mon Nov 4, 201911:00 am Richard Ghail Royal Holloway, University of London The EnVision mission to Venus, Earth's mysterious twin.