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Colloquia are normally on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the 4th-floor conference room, except as indicated below in bold text.
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For questions or suggestions for speakers, please contact the SwRI colloquium organizers:
Raluca Rufu, 303-226-0879 or raluca(at)
Julien Salmon, 720-208-7203 or julien(at)
Kelsi Singer, 303-226-5910 or ksinger(at)
Sierra Ferguson, sierra.ferguson(at)
Rogerio Deienno, rogerio.deienno(at)
Lena Heffern, lena.heffern(at)
Sam Van Kooten, 303-226-5909 or svankooten(at)

To be added to the SwRI Boulder Colloquia email list, please contact Kelsi Singer, ksinger(at)

Tue Mar 28, 2023
In CR4+ webex
11:00 am Daniel Carrera Iowa State University Challenges of planetesimal formation in dust rings
Tue Apr 4, 202311:00 am Ekaterina Landgren CU CIRES TBD
Tue Apr 11, 2023
In CR4+ webex
11:00 am Perianne Johnson CU Boulder Modeling Pluto's Atmosphere and Volatile Inventory Throughout Time
Abstract: In this talk, I will explore feedbacks between Pluto's surface and atmosphere over three distinct timescales. Through volatile transport, Pluto's atmosphere affects and is affected by a myriad of other systems and processes active on the dwarf planet throughout the age of the solar system. First, I model Pluto seasonal and superseasonal temperature and pressure behavior, motivated by the conundrum of Pluto's heterogeneous surface. Next, I model the formation of the Sputnik Planitia ice sheet from atmospheric condensation, and the resulting true polar wander reorientation of Pluto, which likely occurred 4 billion years ago. Finally, I model volatile loss from Pluto's early atmosphere 4.5 billion years ago, via photochemical destruction, impact erosion, and atmospheric escape. Pluto is a dynamic world, exhibiting changes over all of these timescales, and luckily, Pluto's present-day atmosphere and surface record the properties of these past-Pluto configurations.
Thu Apr 13, 2023
In CR4 + virtual
11:00 am Robert Jarolim Solarnet TBD
Tue Apr 18, 2023
In CR4+ webex
11:00 am Christopher Glein SwRI San Antonio Is there P in Enceladus’s ocean? – A chronicle of habitability
Tue May 16, 2023
In CR4+ webex
11:00 am Sam Birch MIT TBD
Tue Sep 12, 202311:00 am Michael S. P. Kelley University of Maryland TBD