Information on the 2nd Mars Space Radiation Modeling Workshop in 2018

Welcome to the home page of the 2nd Mars Radiation Modeling Workshop hosted by Southwest Research Institute and the MSL/RAD team.

The purpose of this workshop, encouraged and supported by NASA HEOMD, is to bring the radiation transport modeling community together to compare their models with each other & with data from MSL/RAD instrument operating on Mars.

One of the difficulties in comparing model results is often the different assumptions and treatment of boundary conditions. Therefore, the Organizing Committee will specify an initial set of boundary conditions (via spreadsheet available per request from, as well as specify the scope and format of the model outputs (values to be calculated), to allow better comparison of model results.

This year, we will focus our Blind Challenge on a model comparison exercise with all input conditions specified, including input GCR spectrum, atmospheric pressure, etc. for a 4 month period (March 1 to June 31, 2018). Modeling teams are encouraged to conduct several, different calculations with the same transport code, e.g., changing the code's physics list in between runs to highlight the influence of different physical processes on the model results.

We will also have a Focused Topic Session with Contributed Talks on modeling SEPs under varying heliospheric conditions as well as a General Contribution Session. As with the 1st Workshop, we will have a refereed Workshop Proceedings publication with papers from the workshop.




Mars Space Radiation Modeling Workshop

Southwest Research
1050 Walnut Street
Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302

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Organizing Committee:

Don Hassler (SwRI) (Chair)
Eddie Semones (NASA JSC)
Cary Zeitlin (NASA JSC)
John Norbury (NASA Langley)
Tony Slaba (NASA Langley)
Bob Wimmer­Schweingruber (CAU Kiel, Germany)
Daniel Matthiae (DLR, Germany)
Guenther Reitz (DLR, Germany)
Lawrence Heilbronn (Univ. of Tenn.)
Bent Ehresmann (SwRI)