P-Alice Documentation

(last modified: 2006 Jun 1)

General P-Alice Documentation

Description Date Authors
Persi-Alice Flight Rules 2006 Jan Versteeg
Software Users manual for the Persi-Alice Instrument 2004 Dec 16 Versteeg
P-Alice Orientation on the New Horizons Spacecraft 2006 Jan 23 Slater
Orientation of Alice, Ralph, and LORRI fields-of-view 2006 May 31 (preliminary) Throop

P-Alice Flight Test Reports

Report Date Authors

P-Alice Publications

Paper Citation (link to ADS)
Alice: The Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Aboard the New Horizons Pluto Mission Spacecraft Stern et al. (2005), Proc. SPIE, 5906, 358-367
Radiometric Performance Results of the New Horizons' Alice UV Imaging Spectrograph Slater et al. (2005), Proc. SPIE, 5906, 368-379