The Exeter Building
(southwest corner of Walnut and 11th Street in downtown Boulder)

Offices and Equipment Locations

Check our office layout for the locations of offices and labs.

Office Hours

Regular office hours are 8-5, weekdays. However, you'll typically find people here into the evening and on Saturdays. As our guest, please feel free to come and go as on the schedule that suits you! The Exeter building is open 7:30 am to 6:30 pm weekdays, and Saturdays 8:00 am to noon. On Sundays, the Exeter building is closed except to those with outside keys; after hours, the elevator will not respond unless you use an elevator key. See Jeanette to check out keys.


Office Supplies

If you need supplies, please see Jeanette, Diane or Joyce. Please ask one of us if you need something you can't find!


Faxes /Mail

Please see Jeanette, Diane, or Joyce about sending your fax or receiving/sending mail.


There are several machines in offices that can be used by visitors. Ask Joel about these, and see Peter, Dirk, or Norm if a visitor account is needed on any machine.


Kitchens on all floors are available to you to store your lunches. Please help us keep the kitchens clean.

Transportation To/From the Airport

There is more information about how to get to Boulder on the Boulder Information page.

Here are a series of maps showing the area. Note that the entrance to our building is on the east side, on 11th St just south of Walnut.
--> Denver-Boulder area. [color GIF image]
--> Approach to Boulder from Denver.[color GIF image]
--> Overview of Boulder. [color GIF image]
--> Central Boulder. [color GIF image]
--> Closeup of Central Boulder.[color GIF image]

Or here is an interactive map:

Weather Forecast for today


Information about hotels, restaurants, and entertainment in Boulder can be obtained from the Boulder Homepage. Information about activities in the surrounding areas can be obtained from the Colorado Homepages.

Last modified: May 2007