How to Create Bibliography Pages

This page explains how I use the ADS abstract service to easily create an extensive web page with astronomy-related article bibliographies like these I created for the Distant EKOs newsletter, or to create encoded bibliography pages for inclusion in a TeX or LaTeX document.

In the first section I give an overview of how to create a page of articles related to certain keywords, and how to format that page for inclusion in an HTML document. In the second section I explicitly discribe the keywords I use for creating the Distant EKOs bibliography pages. In the last section I show an esample of how to create a page listing all articles in an ASP proceedings for inclusion in a TeX/LaTeX file (e.g., an electronic newsletter).

See also this article by Michael Kurtz, which describes use of ADS for keeping a bibliography.

HTML Article Bibliographies

Viola! Now isn't that easier than typing in all the titles and authors by hand?

Keywords I Use

Here are the details of what keywords I search on to make the Distant EKOs bibliography pages:

LaTeX Book Tables of Contents

Here is a modification for getting a list of articles in a proceedings, such as an ASP Conference Series book.

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