CLARK R. CHAPMAN: Very short c.v., Nov. 2000


     A.B., Astronomy, Harvard College, 1967
     M.S., Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1968
     Ph.D., Planetary Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972

Research Interests

Physical studies of small solar system bodies (asteroids, comets, satellites, etc.)
Telescopic/spacecraft vis/IR spectrophotometry: planets, satellites, small bodies
Cratering/impact/regolith processes; accretion of planetesimals
Analysis of telescopic and spacecraft imagery of planetary atmospheres and surfaces
  (member: Galileo SSI team, NEAR-Shoemaker MSI/NIS team, MESSENGER science team)
Analysis of terrestrial impact hazard, role of impacts in origin & destiny of life
Fostering interdisciplinary scientific communication; public outreach 


Southwest Research Institute, 1996-

Boulder Dept. Space Studies, Div 15; Institute Scientist, member Advisory Comm. Res.
(Consulting Employee, Science Applications Intl. Corp., 1995-99; Adjunct Professor
and Co-Investigator of NASA CU Astrobiology Inst., Univ. Colorado 1998 - present.)

Planetary Science Institute, 1972-1996

(Part of SJI since Feb. 1995; formerly a division of SAIC.) Senior Scientist.  (On
sabbatical to Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii, Aug. 1984 - Feb. 1985).

Professional Activities

Professional Societies

American Astronomical Society, Division for Planetary Sciences: Chair (1982-83);
  Member, DPS Committee (1978-81); Chair, Publications Subcomm. (1971-74); Chair,
  Program Comm. (1976-77); Chair, Nominating Comm. (1977); Chair, Prize Subcomm.
  (1983-84); Sagan Medallist (Excellence in Communication of Planet. Sci., 1999)

Amer. Geophys. Union, Planetology Sect.: Editor, J. Geophys. Res.-Planets (1991-94)

American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science: Chair, Nominating Comm., Astronomy
  Electorate (1981); Memb-at-Large, Astronomy Sect. Comm. (1982-86); Fellow (2000- )

Meteoritical Society: Chair, Leonard Medal Comm. (1983-84); Fellow (elected 1988);
  Council Member (1992-96)

International Astron. Union (elected 1976): Comm. 15 (President, 1982-1985; V.P.,
  1979-82; Member, Org. Comm., 1976-85); Comm. 16 & 17; Working Grp on NEOs (1998- )

Scientific Committee Activities

Member, URSA Lunar & Planetary Science Council (of Lunar & Planetary Inst., 1975-79)
Member, Lunar Science Review Panel (1975-1977; 1980-1981)
Member, NASA Terrestrial Bodies Science Working Group (1976-1977)
Member, Comm. on Planetary Exploration (COMPLEX), NAS Space Science Board (1977-80)
Member, Infrared Telescope IRTF Review Comm. (1979-1981); NASA IRTF MOWG (1981-86)
Member, Small Bodies W.G., NASA Solar System Exploration Committee (SSEC) (1981-83)
Member (Head of Education Subcomm.), NASA Solar Sys. Explor. Mgmt. Council (1984-88)
Member, Science Working Groups: CRAF (1984-1985), NEAR (1985-87)
Member and Chair (1986-88), MOWG for NASA Planetary Astronomy Program (1985-88)
Member, NASA Planetary Astronomy Committee (1986-88)
Member, M.I.T. Corp. Visiting Comm., Dept. Earth, Atmos. & Planet. Sci. (1986-91)
Chair, Organizing Committee, International Conference on Near-Earth Asteroids (1991)
Member, NASA International Near-Earth-Object Detection Workshop (1991-93)
Member, Workshop, "Prediction in the Earth Sciences: Use and Misuse in Policy
  Making" (Geol. Soc. Am., Natl. Ctr. Atmos. Res.) (1997-99)
Member, Task Grp on Sample Return from Small Solar System Bodies, N.R.C. (1997-8)
Member, Sci. Org. Committees, "Asteroids 2001," "Asteroids III," "Jupiter" (2000-01)  

Editorial Work

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research (1976-78)
Icarus:  Member, Editorial Board, 1978-80; Assoc. Editor, 1981-91
Co-Editor, Mercury, Univ. of Ariz. Press, 1988 (with F. Vilas and M.S. Matthews)
Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets (1991-94)

Writing and Popularization of Science

Co-Author, Cosmic Catastrophes, Plenum, 1989 (with D. Morrison);
  Alternate Selections, Library of Science and Astronomy Book Club 
Author, Planets of Rock and Ice and The Inner Planets, Scribner's, 1982, 1977.
Member, Advisory Board, "Tracking the 21st Century," Tucson Public Library (1981-83)
Author, "News and Reviews" column in The Planetary Report (1980-99)
Public Lecturer at Flandrau Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History,
  Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Cleveland Museum of Natural History,
  Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, Vancouver Planetarium, Rutgers Univ.,
  Denver Museum of Science and Nature, amateur astronomy groups, AARP, etc. 
Contributor, The Planets, Bantam Books, 1985; #11 on B. Dalton's Bestseller list.
Author, Solar System Exploration: Discovering our Origins and Destiny, (1988)
Author, popular articles in Sky & Telescope, Mercury, Scientific American,
  Astronomy, Pacific Discovery, The Skeptical Inquirer, New Scientist 
Author, News & Views articles, Nature magazine (1990-  )
Author, Voyage to Neptune, NASA Special Publication, in press
Author, New Book of Knowledge, McGraw-Hill, and other encyclopedias
Consultant, "Cosmic Catastrophes", Hansen Planetarium (1990-92).
Curator, "IMPACT" exhibit, Univ. Colorado Museum of Natural History (1997-9)
Liaison between Science Team and E&PO Program, MESSENGER Discovery Mission (1997- )
Author, articles on "Earth" & "Mercury" Encyclopedia Britannica (1992, 2000)
Interviewee, (inter)national radio/TV/Internet news/talk shows (CBS, PBS, NPR, BBC,
  NHK, CNN, CBC, Fox, etc.) about impact hazard, S-L 9, Europa, etc., (1991-2000)

Clark R. Chapman's Publications: (132 publications in peer-reviewed journals/books; author, co-author, editor of 10 books; 48 articles in popular science magazines/encyclopedias)

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