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Fly to the Denver International Airport (DIA) which is about 50 miles south east of Boulder. There is no commercial airport in Boulder, but if you fly, there is a small airport for private planes. DIA is a new airport (due to open in 1993, actually opened in March 1995) with a few services already in place. There are car rental offices, bus and shuttle services, cabs, and restaurants, but no hotels. The car rental offices close by 9:00pm, so make reservations or arrangements if you're coming in later.

To get to Boulder from DIA, the best route is the new toll road, called E-470. You will see signs shortly after leaving the airport. Take E-470 North (which soon turns to the west). This becomes the Northwest Parkway after crossing interstate 25. It ends at a junction with route 36, and continuing west on 36 from there takes you into Boulder (see "E-470" under the "Maps" section below).

Within Boulder US 36 becomes 28th Street; numbered streets run north-south with low numbers to the west (toward the mountains). Campus is to the left at the first light on US 36 in Boulder; to get downtown go left at the second light on US 36 (Arapahoe), the third light (Canyon), or the fifth light (Pearl). Hotels listed as on 28th St are on an access road just east of US 36 as you get into Boulder. SEE MAP BELOW.

Transportation, Airport to Boulder

(Note: see web sites for current prices)

Boulder Express: 888-457-4646

Rates are lower than SuperShuttle. See website ( for details.

SuperShuttle: 303-444-0808

Look for the SuperShuttle counter in the "Ground Transportation" area on the main level of DIA (Level 5 near the rental cars). No reservations necessary. Pay at the counter. The SuperShuttle leaves the airport every hour from 8:10 AM to 11:10 PM and takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to your destination. The van usually stops somewhere between Denver and Boulder and shuffles passengers between vans - don't worry, someone on the bus usually knows where to go.

RTD Bus Service: (303) 299-6000

One way to several Boulder park-n-rides and the downtown bus station. Leaves DIA hourly from 6:15 AM to 11:15 PM. Check at the "Ground Transportation" desk for location of bus departure. Takes approximately 1 hr and 30 minutes and makes several stops but no transfers are necessary. From the bus station to the hotel, take a cab for a few dollars., look under SkyRide, Route AB, scroll down to AB Boulder - D.I.A. W-Bound.

Yellow Cab: (303) 442-2277

Approximately $75 one way from DIA. Takes about 1 hour.

Transportation in Boulder

You do not need a car in Boulder. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of our office. And there are local buses.

Boulder has regular buses that are part of the RTD (Regional Transportation Division) system and a little bus line called the HOP that runs between campus, the Pearl Street Mall, and the Crossroads Mall. It costs 25 cents and runs in a loop till about 9PM with buses every 10-15 minutes.

The Boulder Creek bike path is great for walking, roller blading, bicycling, etc. and goes from out East, beside campus, to downtown and up into the mountains about 3 miles.

Boulder Transportation page - not surprisingly, bicycling comes first - but there's lots of other info too.


An external site listing lodging information for Boulder can be found here.


Boulder City

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E-470 and Northwest Parkway Map (best route from Denver International to Boulder). Boulder is just off the upper left corner of this map. The light blue line is the Northwest Parkway (which E-470 becomes), and it ends at a junction with route 36. Take 36 west from there to Boulder.

Denver International Airport - Information


The weather in Boulder at any second can include rain or snow in the mountains, but is typically sunny and not seriously cold during the day. The current temperature or the state weather forecast are available from NCAR.

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