About the Triton Watch Project

The Triton Watch project was established under a grant from NASA's Applied Information Systems Research program. The goal is to provide world-wide, comprehensive photometric observations of the Neptune/Triton system, and analysis of the data in near-real time to monitor for any changes in the system. If such changes are seen, focused followup observations will be conducted.

Observations will be performed from roughly May through October. To provide such intensive coverage over this time period, our team consists of professional, student, and amateur astronomers who are able to make multi-filter CCD observations from their local observing sites. Each person may be able to make only a few such observations each month, but the multiplication factor of a large collection of widely-distributed observers will provide us with the high-quality time coverage needed for such a monitoring project with much more robust insensitivity against weather conditions at any one site. The observers are unpaid volunteers, generously providing their time and expertise to this unique monitoring project. We intend to publish our results in a professional, peer-reviewed astronomy journal, and all observers on the team will be included as co-authors.

If you are interested in joining the team, please fill out our sign-up page.

Team Members

Triton Watch Team Members Include:

Triton Watch Project (TritonWatch@boulder.swri.edu)