Submission Deadline: Dec 2, 2011

Welcome to the abstract submission page for NSRC 2012. Please follow this link to


Abstract guidelines are given below. For further clarification or assistance, please contact:

Constantine Tsang at con@boulder.swri.edu or 720-208-7202

Abstracts Format Guidelines


1) All abstracts must be less than 10 Mb.

2) When uploading your abstract, file names can not contain any special characters, including ampersands, parentheses, underscores, etc. (i.e., use alphanumeric characters only). Contact Constantine Tsang if you are having difficulty uploading your abstract.

3) We would prefer submitted abstracts to be in PDF format. Word documents are also acceptable.

General Information

Abstracts will be assigned as an oral or poster presentation by the NSRC Program Committee. You will indicate your preference for a poster or oral presentation when submitting your abstract.

All abstracts should begin with a short summary and should be limited to 1 page in length. The abstracts will be reproduced in a printed booklet (in black and white) and eventually posted on the conference website in PDF format. Any graphics in color are acceptable in PDF format for posting online.

Session Topics

- Aerodynamics

- Astrophysics

- Atmospheric, Ionospheric, and Aeronomical Science

- Earth Science

  1. -Education

  2. -(SPECIAL SESSION): Flight Training

  3. -(SPECIAL SESSION): History of Suborbital Spaceflight

- Life Sciences

- Markets, Policy, Other

- Media Applications

  1. -Microgravity Sciences

  2. -Other

- Payload Integration

  1. -(SPECIAL SESSION): Preparing a Suborbital Research Project - Lessons from Parabolic Flight

- Planetary Science

- Public Outreach

- Solar Physics

- Technology & Technology Testing

Page Layout

Please use US Letter size (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins (top, bottom, left and right). Page should be divided into two 3.15" columns with a 0.2" margin in between. All paragraphs should begin flush left and justified at right margin.

Font and Type

Please use 10-point Helvetica or Arial font in single space for all text and headings. Section headings should be in bold. There should be cleared single space between paragraphs and headings.

Title and Authors

This section should be centered. The title should be 14-point bold and followed by authors’ names and affiliations, both 10-point normal. Numbers must be used to indicate the author’s affiliation (placed in brackets, followed by city and country).

An Example Abstract is provided by following this link