SwRI Balloon Workshop on Low Cost Access to Near-Space

Dates: April 26-28, 2007

Location: Southwest Research Institute, Department of Space Studies, Boulder, CO 80302

Local Information (Maps and Accomodations)

Registration: Online registration encouraged. (Registrations closed as of April 28, 2007.)

Participation: Abstracts are requested by April 2, 2007. The program is now set with little room for additional presentations. Note that there will not be a poster session. If you feel strongly that you should give a short presentation, please contact the workshop organizers. (Abstracts no longer being accepted as of April 28, 2007.)

Questions: Please call or email Eliot Young (303-546-6807) or Craig DeForest (303-546-6020) with questions about the workshop or presentations.

Workshop Goals


UPDATE (August 1, 2007): LCANS White Paper available online

The first product of the 2007 LCANS workshop is a white paper entitled "How NASA Can Exploit Low-Cost Access to Near Space: Recommendations from the April 2007 LCANS Workshop." This short (5-page) document can be downloaded here.