Space Science, Environmental Philosophy, and Policy


Introduction: Mark Bullock, Robert Frodeman, Gene Hargrove


I. Near-Earth Space


  1. George Whitesides, National Space Society: "Do We Need a Planetary Ethic?"
  2. Clark Chapman - Asteroids, Comets, and the Environment
  3. David Morrison - Problems with Asteroids and Comets
  4. Carl Mitcham - Taking Exploration Ethics and Engineering Ethics into Space: An Aristotelian Perspective
  5. William Hartmann - The Beauty of the Solar System
  6. Nick Johnson - The Challenge of Orbital Debris
  7. John Lewis - Building the Moon Base: Living Off the Land
  8. David Livingston - Lunar Development: Ethics, Reality & Fantasy!


II. Planetary Issues


  1. Bret Drake - The Mars Mission
  2. Christopher P. McKay - Terraforming Mars
  3. Margaret Race - Planetary Protection
  4. Connie Bertka - Religion and the Solar System


III. Biological Issues


  1. Penny Boston - Astrobiology: Extraterrestrial Life
  2. Eugene Hargrove - Valuing Extraterrestrial Life
  3. David Grinspoon Extraterrestrial Spirituality


IV. The Human Dimension


  1. Kristin Shrader-Frechette - Ethics and Radiation Risk to Astronauts
  2. Robert Frodeman Environmental Ethics Beyond the Stratosphere
  3. Larry Young - Ethical Issues in Human Space Travel Three Constituents
  4. Radford Byerly - Social, Political, and Economic Issues
  5. Mark Bullock Space Society