The Center for Space Exploration Policy Research is a collaborative project between Southwest Research Institute and the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies at the University of North Texas. The goal of CSEPR is to stimulate reflection on the ethical, cultural, and philosophic aspects of space policy.

Humanity will soon become a space-faring civilization. Even as the U.S. makes long-range plans to send a human crew to the Moon and Mars, communications, earth-monitoring, and planetary spacecraft launch from ports all over the globe. Entrepeneurs are developing private space programs to serve a potentially vibrant market for citizen access to space. Commerce and national security are now vitally dependent on space-based resources, and international treaties are being tested as an understanding evolves of how space will shape the future of civilization.

CSEPR aims to provide a larger context for the exploration of space, completing the cycle of knowledge by connecting scientific research to the concerns of the citizens that fund this global enterprise.