Zion National Park: Scout's Lookout Virtual Hike

This is a hike from a trailhead near Zion Lodge up the West Rim Trail to Scout's Lookout, about 1500 feet up Zion Canyon's west wall. Jane and I did the walk on February 2nd 2000, our tenth wedding anniversary. The same trail continues to Angel's Landing, but we didn't hike that far- maybe I'll add it on a future visit to Zion. Unlike some other "walkthroughs" that I've made, this one is strictly linear- only one route is possible. After all, wandering off the trail is hazardous in this terrain...

There are about 250 images in this hike. Don't just keep your eyes on the trail- it's often worth stopping to look to the left or right. As usual, you can hike in high resolution or low resolution, switching between modes at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of each image.

 Click on any image below to start hiking:

West Rim Trailhead, Zion Canyon.

Halfway up: entrance to Refrigerator Canyon, looking downhill.

Scout's Lookout